Vetle Egeland

Summer’s here

It’s almost been two weeks since I finished my last exam and it truly has been going at a very fast pace ever since. Naturally, throughout exam revision time there really isn’t that much exciting going on in my life – therefore a lack of posts.


The day when this picture was probably the highlight of my exam week – after a hand in and presentation I met my dad for wine at the private members club, before I went for some sushi with my friend Diana. Suddenly, we saw ourselves arrive at Sketch as we had heard rumours – and obviously with social media, we had seen Instagram posts – of how they had decked the place out for the Chelsea Flower show.  We just had to go there and witness it for ourselves.

The day of my last exam I boarded a flight to go to Norway to spend some quality time with family and friends, and what a fantastic weekend it was. It was supposed to be quite relaxing but ended up going to bed at 3 and 5 respectively on the Friday and Saturday.

On the Friday we had some dinner guests which was very intimate and lovely. The 50th party on the Saturday was an absolute blast, with delicious food and wine, as well as great people and a fantastic band that performed. It was truly magical.

By going home I also got to spend and celebrate my dad’s birthday with him and the family. Sunday was a complete relaxing – and hangover recuperation day – and Monday my dad and I went for lunch together.


Fabulous weather for a hangover


Good champagne is necessary on someone’s birthday…


…so is good food…


… and also an obnoxious Instagram post with our new Robert Mapplethorpe black and white pictures

Now I am back in London and in full swing with my summer internship which is at luxury fashion house Mary Katrantzou, which so far has been absolutely amazing.

Prepare for more blogposts the coming weeks and months – Vetle’s back! More fabulous and thirsty than ever.

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