Vetle Egeland

Burgundy for 48 hours

After some long days in Paris, I jumped on a train from Paris Bercy to meet my family and some great family friends in Burgundy. We had rented a beautiful chateau, which I was lucky enough to stay in for two days. Burgundy is such a beautiful place, with gorgeous stretches of vine yards. Naturally a place the Egeland’s will love.

Although a short period of time, the two days proved to be quite eventful as I managed to eat at a three star michelin restaurant, go to a wine tasting and enjoy many other amazing meals.

Was a bit of an upgrade from staying in a studio in Paris, to a beautiful castle in Burgundy


13621635_10154281673895349_2117301098_oCod with lobster risotto and lobster bisque

13621450_10154281674065349_1833658184_o13575501_10154281673915349_840887199_oThe beautiful hotel ‘Hostellerie de Levernois’ we had lunch at

13621758_10154281674075349_1847424045_oWas sick of wearing all black in Paris… So decided to wear every single colourful garment I brought

Shoes: Gucci
Trousers: DSquared2
Belt: Hermès
Shirt: Saint Laurent
Shades: Victoria Beckham

13621658_10154281688300349_1774318981_oMommy dearest 

13575687_10154281674070349_356624753_oWas quickly back to black in this monochrome look, while serving open mouthed realness

Shoes: Saint Laurent
Trousers: Valentino
Shirt: Alexander McQueen
Blazer: Alexander McQueen

Had an amazing culinary and wine experience at 3 star Michelin restaurant ‘Lameloise’





13588875_10154281674120349_2075796875_oPetit fours

13575597_10154281674145349_1991447582_oSaint Honoré

13570308_10154281674155349_127196481_oOh, what’s that? Even more petite fours. I definitely rolled out of that restaurant. 

13570298_10154281674165349_2115421379_oNext morning it was time to burn of all the calories from the day before…

13575464_10154281674180349_952717669_o… before consuming them all again during lunch. And dinner when I had more pizza. Obviously I’m on quite the detox trip. 

13582271_10154281674210349_32333393_oHad a gorgeous wine tasting at Lucien Le Moine, tasting some fabulous wines in a stunning environment

13582305_10154281674190349_215524920_oI was so pleased with the colour tones of this outfit, you guys have no idea

T-shirt: Rick Owens
Belt: Hermès
Shorts: Balenciaga
Leather Espadrilles: Saint Laurent

13575569_10154281674230349_1336497939_oKing of the Castle

Thank you Burgundy for some of the best 48 hours I’ve ever had.

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