Vetle Egeland

Fashion Intern Life

As I am writing this I am currently in an eerily quiet office, overlooking a darkened carpark, manning the buzzer to let hair and makeup crews as well as models onto our business plot. I am surrounded by sugar free 7ups bottles, although it was slightly pointless to get sugarfree as I have just consumed peanut M&Ms and Haribo. Who says people in the fashion industry doesn’t eat?


I am quickly approaching the end of my internship, which is a glorious but scary feeling. I have had such a wonderful time here, however I am eager to get back to my final year of university. Slightly petrified though as I am not sure if I am ready for that business plan that is supposed to be brewing in my brain at the moment.

Blogging this summer has unfortunately taken the back burner as a result of lack of time and energy, however I have some wonderful stories, travels and pictures to share with you all. I hope you all have had a fantastic summer and I can not wait to feel connected with my awesome readers again.

Here is a totally obnoxious pic of me posing in our Airbnb apartment in Copenhagen earlier this summer. More pics from that to come!


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