Vetle Egeland

Home for Christmas and ready to blog

Hello dear blog readers, this is a post that is long overdue. Sorry for my absence, but I am now back in Norway on Christmas holiday and ready to entertain you with my semi-funny updates.


Throughout the summer as you may know I was working hard at Mary Katrantzou, which was an amazing experience. Was great to have insight into what truly goes on in the industry. I am now well into my 3rd and final year of Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni and am quite excited but nervous to graduate! Only have about half a year left before I’m let off into the big old world.

Since I last posted I’ve had some lovely trips to Oslo and Miami, as well as had both my parents visiting me in London. These trips and occasions have obviously been posted on my Instagram, so go follow me there. I must also say my Instagram story game has become pretty strong since it launched, so you’re definitely missing out if you’re not following me there.

I’m excited for this Christmas holiday, to just enjoy and relax with family and friends. I am back in London in the New Year, ready to put in a couple of months of hard work before summer. As my family is very much a planning family, we have started planning our summer and I am looking forward to visiting some pretty beautiful and Instagrammable places in Italy!

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