Vetle Egeland

Night time in Milan

And here I sit – on Via Senato in Milan, with a bottle of organic Chardonnay next to me. Milan is a place I insanely fell in love with this summer, so getting to come back is fantastic. This trip is perhaps not so much centred around wining and dining, as I’ll be visiting a university for my masters degree tomorrow. But knowing me – I’m sure I’ll manage to find time to indulge as well.


Pictures from my last trip to Milan

I’ve always had this connection with Italy. The people, the food, the wine, the nature. It’s inexplicable. But I actually think I may have to go out on a limb and say it may be my favourite country in the entire world.


Unfortunately, I arrived a couple of days too late for the festivities of Milan Mens Fashion Week. All the hunky models employed to walk in shows for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, would most definitely be eye pleasing. But as it is, I’ll just have to entertain myself with the other dark, tall and handsome Italians roaming around Italy. Perhaps on a vespa, in a tight fitting suit, with a turtle neck sweater and a puffer coat.


Now that’s a view that I wouldn’t be complaining about

As it is, I am in my room solo – one of probably many trips where I’m travelling alone. Not because I think I’ll be forever single, because that’s a terrifying thought. But down to the fact that travelling for work is something I most definitely see in my cards. Perhaps not in the first couple of years, as my entrance into the fashion industry will probably be filled of minimum wage jobs, exploring the real, unglamorous side of fashion. Hopefully, I’ll blossom into a job that will give me the possibility to travel from country to country, explore cultures and meet many different people. I guess having high ambitions are important – shoot for the moon and fall on the stars?


Some people would probably be bored alone, but I am pretty entertaining – I’m not going to lie. And I am definitely content here I am in my bed with crisp bed sheets, a bottle of Chardonnay to be drank and “Inside Vogue: A Diary of My 100th Year” to be explored. Buona Notte.


The venue for tonights dinner was plant goals

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