Vetle Egeland

Arrividerci Milan

So here I sit at the BA lounge at Milan Linate airport. After a wonderful trip, that ended way too quickly. I have to say that the connection I developed with Milan over the last 40 hours has been incredibly strong. The general vibe is so incredibly magical that it’s impossible to not fall in love.


Coffee and champagne pre-lunch at Four Seasons

Today, I spent the day just further exploring Via Montenapoleone and the surrounding areas. Got a bit boring after an hour as it’s the complete same stores I experience in London, but nonetheless it’s amazing to walk down these streets and see all the amazing fashion. Specifically, the older Italian women. In fabulous furs, with bouncy freshly blowdried hair. One of them even asked someone to take a picture of her with me. No wonder I love this town – huh?


I had a lovely lunch today at Bice – burrata with tomatoes as a starter, followed by a black truffle agnolotti. I swear that the day I move to Milan I have to make a point of restricting myself to dangerous carbs like pasta only once a month. If not I won’t be able to slither into sample sizes any more, which in fashion equals death.


After lunch I further explored the area, around the Duomo and La Scala. I ended up at the darling Marchesi Galleria, where I enjoyed a fabulous glass of franciacorta. One of the things I love especially with Italy, is the strong essence and bond with family you see. And these families are mostly dressed head to toe in fabulous designs. Perhaps one day that’ll be me. If you can’t tell from the last three blog posts – I really have a thing for Italian men. So if you’re attractive, above 6 foot, Italian with a mother who can make an incredible pasta – then you definitely have a chance with me.


I am definitely not feeling as inspired as inspired as I was in the boutique hotel I stayed in, but this trip overall has triggered some inspiration within me. Expect a large increase in the blog posts from me and my social media game will be fire from now on. I promise – no more leaving you without any posts for months at a time.


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