Vetle Egeland

Milan – watch out: there’s a crazy Norwegian in town

I’m back in my crisp bed, after a wonderful day in Milan. This bed is seemingly the centre of all inspiration for me throughout the last couple of hours, so if I’m ever going to become ruler of the fashion world – I may have to have a permanent booking for this room. That would be a great title for an autobiography though: “The Bed Where It All Happened”. But that could also be quickly confused for a prostitutes tell all.

The day started off in bed, surrounded by worryingly large amounts of coffee and bread. I was having panic attacks every 5 minutes – to only realise as the grades were revealed that my route to having a first with distinctions in all subject is still happening. Hurray for me!


Once my heart rhythm went back to semi-normal, it was time for glam and then hit the streets of Milan. I’m not gonna lie, this day alone has made me massively fall in love with Milan. Yes, the Milanese are irritatingly slow as they creep down Via Montenapoleone, but I guess living in London leaves you thinking everyone moves slowly. Even Usain Bolt.


Today I got to visit my hopeful future university and I am very excited about my future. Furthermore, I got to tap into my cultural side with a visit to Fondazione Prada. I most definitely did not understand 90% of the art there, but I at least looked super cute while perusing glued together car parts and a large amount of vagina oriented art pieces. When I finally got a good enough selfie in reflective art works, it was time to call it a day and go and get my drink on.



Off to Four Seasons it was, because you know – the student life is so hard *rolls eyes*. I was actually regretting  not bringing a book, but then remembered I need reading glasses and realised I’d scare off all potential candidates with these frames. Scrolling through Instagram, while consuming two glasses of Chianti Classico was the alternative.


I just came back from a delicious dinner on Corso Como – very old school, with an amazing truffle paté and agnolotti pasta. Naturally had to stop by the amazing 10 Corso Como for a final nightcap, before my route returned to my hotel. I did indeed get the reception to open the bar for me to chose a bottle of wine, to only return to my hotel room and discover I had left over wine from earlier today. Guess wine with my morning coffee will do.

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