Vetle Egeland

Cross Cashmere Showroom During LFW

During London Fashion Week, after an early morning breakfast event followed by a quick lunch date with a dear friend, I checked my DM’s on Instagram. Apparently not only creepy people will try to slide into your DM’s, but also a PR agency wanting you to come into a showroom to try on some clothes and be photographed in it! When I got that invite, there was no way I could say no. You know how much I like a good photoshoot.

Cross Cashmere is a fabulous Scottish unisex cashmere company and they make some of the most gorgeous light weight products that I’ve ever touched! The people from the company were so incredibly sweet, as were the photographers on hand and the other lovely people. After showing some restraint by declining whisky (it can quickly go downhill when I drink hard alcohol) I tried on this fabulous patterned sweater. The pictures turned out quite well – wouldn’t you say?

17036726_10155037991840349_534478217_o 17091051_10155037991835349_1601499683_o 17091129_10155037991845349_112851906_o 17106228_10155037998710349_551160579_o

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